12 Low-Cost Small Business marketing ideas

12 Low-Cost Small Business marketing ideas

If you have just started a business and you are looking for some marketing ideas to increase your brand awareness without spending much money, here we have listed some practical and inexpensive ideas:

1. Do something unique on social media

Time is money; thus, if you don’t have enough time to make a range of new social profiles or plans for your business, why not just find one straightforward? the great thing is that you can do well on social media. All small business marketing ideas don’t need to be unique, they just need to work.

2. Run competitions or donate a prize

Everyone wants to win something, so a fantastic, inexpensive way to get your brand out there is to run a contest for something that people want – a free product or service from you or just a main prize. If you encourage people to do something in return for their entry, you’ll reap the advantages without breaking the bank.

3. Get your logo out in the real world

The online award is essential, but don’t forget to get your brand out in the “real” world! Print advertising, business cards, magazine/newspaper elements, and corporate branding at events are all great concepts– and they don’t have to be expensive. Attempt a few low-cost offline guerilla marketing ideas to get your brand there. This way you’re not only branding but also making a better path for your other small business marketing ideas.

4. Rope in your family and friends to be supporters of your business

Friends and family are also excellent free resources for creating your brand. Arm them with business cards and any other tools they may require to boost your business to the people they meet every day. It’s a beautiful, inexpensive way to widen your circle and present your company to people who might not have known about it otherwise.

5. Go to networking events

Utilizing social media and building up your digital networks is essential, but don’t forget about traditional “face-to-face” networking! You don’t even have to look at expensive, membership-only groups, as there are a host of smaller, more reasonable events on sites such as meetup.com to consider. Attending a networking event can be a fantastic way of boosting your reputation, making relationships, and discovering new business possibilities.

6. Hold a meetup for your clients

Networking is not just a fantastic thing for you to do – it’s also essential for your clients. So why not make it more comfortable for them to network by hosting your low-budget meetup or regular coffee morning? Look at it like one of your small business marketing ideas. Open your office, find an affordable space to rent, or meet at a cafe for an hour or two, invite your customers, lay on the coffee, and select a topic for everyone to talk about.

7. Create a refer-a-friend scheme

Customer suggestions are gold for your business, so why not inspire people to tell their friends about you. Setting up a reliable referral scheme could assist you in making more sales in the long run and create a powerful buzz around your services. Try to make sure you factor in the amount you’ll have to interest for those discounts and secure your business can adjust it!

8. Enter industry and local competitions

Awards can also be a fantastic way to empower your credentials and spread the word about your business. So search for award competitions in your industry, and don’t forget local or regional awards. Don’t forget that even if you only create the shortlist and don’t win, you can still feature that nomination on your website to increase your business’s profile, which could be worth the entry fee.

9. Look out for fairs, particular events, or shows

Trade events aren’t just for the major players with cash to burn – there are plenty of scopes for smaller businesses to help.

10. Develop a customer referral program

It’s often overlooked, but word-of-mouth marketing for small businesses is a super-powerful way to market your business. You don’t need to be a big digital marketing agency to start a referral program. There is a reason why word of mouth is number one on our small business marketing ideas list. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

11. Tell a story with data or milestones

This may be one of our famous free small business marketing ideas. Content marketing ideas usually fit perfectly into their strategies.

Crunch the numbers on your business and see if any necessary story comes through the data—maybe you’ve done business with more than 1,000 clients in your area, or perhaps you deliver your service at a percentage higher than industry standards.

Publish the results online or put a sign out in front of your store. People respond well to numbers—they’re an easily digestible data point. For instance, “The community loves us” will be outperformed by “Over 2,500 satisfied customers in our area!” every time.

12. Make your infographics

All this data talk should be noted that infographics are super-powerful marketing tools—and relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

Infographics are visual and easy to understand, so many people love to share them. You can utilize online services right in your browser. These are only a part of the reasons why making infographics became one of the most popular digital marketing services.

Moreover, You can step up a gap and pay for a freelance designer to make a group of infographics for you—which will come in as a reasonably inexpensive small business marketing concept.