9 Ways to Generate Stellar Content Ideas

9 Ways to Generate Stellar Content Ideas

Sometimes you keep staring at a blank page with absolutely no idea what to write. This is a problem everyone faces. NO content ideas, what a bummer!

That’s the reason we created a list of strategies for content inspiration. These ideas make it straightforward to discover stellar topics that will bring your target audience straight to your blog:

Reddit is a source of content ideas for almost every company. People ask questions and comment, so it’s straightforward to see what topics are most widespread in your industry.

2. Look for specific topics with SEO potential

Scrolling through your opponent’s website will probably offer you some content ideas. Nevertheless, many of those topics may be too hard for you to rank for or may not drive any search traffic.

To solve this, use the service Content Explorer to discover content in your niche with loads of search traffic.

Plenty of standard best practices are rarely challenged In every industry.

Thus, you can create unlimited content ideas by taking a contrarian stance on some of these best practices.

4. Ask the customer success and sales teams

Customer success and sales teams contact your customers and prospects daily, so spend time interviewing them. These interviews uncover what pain points push your customers to buy your product or service.

Once you know what pain points make your customers buy a product or service, it’s not hard to find a keyword to match a pain point. Using this process, you can always ensure that your content will get higher-quality traffic.

During these interviews, ask questions such as, Is there an event that often happens before the customer buys a service or product? And which characteristics are the most eager about and why?

5. Look for pain points in case studies

Combining your current case studies is another fantastic method to uncover customer pain points.

For instance, Chili Piper has a great case study supporting customers to enhance their pipeline.

This indicates that boosting the sales pipeline is a pain point that Chili Piper can fix. Thus it is logical to search for keywords around enhancing sales pipelines.

The Matching terms report is beneficial, showing all keywords containing “sales pipeline.” You can filter by Traffic Potential, Keyword Difficulty (KD), and more.

6. Check your competitors’ paid keywords for content ideas

If you desire to quickly get a list of keywords that are probably driving conversions, check out your competitors’ paid keywords. This method is a shortcut and even no.1 digital marketing agency will do it too.

7. Research who your customers compare you to

If someone purchases small-business accounting software and tries to select between Quickbooks and Freshbooks, they might Google “QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks.” If they’re already employing Quickbooks and desire to change to something identical, they might Google “QuickBooks alternatives.”

So, discovering who your customers compare you to and writing a competitor comparison post or optional competitor post is a great way to get high-quality traffic without any digital marketing services.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t make content for these keywords, your competitors probably will. So it’s best to write the post first (or craft a better one that ranks higher) to control your brand’s narrative.

These keyword frameworks also grow to convert as the searchers are down the purchase process.

To discover these keywords, you can plug your brand into a Keywords Explorer and add “vs.” and “alternatives” to the filter. Select “any,” and the device will draw up a list of keywords.

8. Look for your competitors’ top-ranking content for content ideas

If your rivals care about SEO, they probably already have content ranking on Google and getting loads of organic traffic. These pages are often sources of fantastic content ideas.

Here’s how to look for your competitors’ top-performing content:

  1. Go to Site Explorer
  2. Enter a competitor’s domain
  3. Go to the Top pages report
  4. Use a content idea generator

Blog idea generators can also aid you to begin if you’re stuck. Ranking for a word or two will help you more on the way, but don’t forget: you need to drive more traffic to your blog in order to achieve that.

9. Style your stuff

Show your prospects how to style the product. This is especially critical for fashion-related and home products. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Enable them to envision themselves wearing or utilizing your products. Put together a set of budget clothes or a spotlight on how to utilize the latest belt.


The above ideas are strategies for developing content ideas in 2023. The key to generating endless content ideas is, to begin with understanding your customers’ pain points and then brainstorming ideas that can support them solve those pain points.