AI-Generated Content: Advantages and Disadvantages

AI-Generated Content: Advantages and Disadvantages

As more and more AI-powered tools have become available, Ai generated content helped writers. Spellcheckers and grammar checkers powered by AI are readily available. At the same time, more sophisticated software allows for effortless content creation and copywriting.

Yet, if Google openly opposes AI-generated content, does it make sense to use such tools?

What Is AI-Generated Content?

Blog posts, advertisements, articles, and product descriptions are all examples of “AI-generated content”. After a human inputs data like keywords, phrases, and topics, the AI content creator produces content.

Businesses and digital marketing agencies are beginning to recognize the benefits of AI-generated content’s ability to streamline the writing process. The content marketing process can be time-consuming and costly, so marketers may consider using AI-generated content to automate it.

How Does AI-Generated Content Work?

Users input the required text format, a topic, and keywords to generate content. Then, based on the specifications provided, the AI goes online to find and assemble relevant content. In addition to adding new information based on web searches and editing tools, some tools rewrite an organization’s existing content. Converting a blog post into a social media update or email draft is just one example of how these tools can repurpose previously created content.

Advantages Of Creating Content Using AI

There are many applications for content created by AI. Some benefits are listed below.


The greatest benefit of AI is how quickly it can create content compared to humans. Automatic writing software can crank out content in a matter of minutes. A human writer would need more time to investigate relevant literature and write the piece. An AI tool can generate much content when the rapid turnaround time is multiplied by the number of articles.

AI can also create social media with personalized website content and help with language localization for different regions. Seeing these in action might make you reconsider your usual digital marketing tools.

Lower Costs

Content as a digital marketing service can cost a lot. Depending on article length, number of pieces, and level of technical knowledge required, hiring quality content writers can cost several hundred dollars per project. In addition, high-quality, thoroughly researched content may be worth the investment. There are both free and subscription-based artificial intelligence writing tools available. Pricing averages around $100 for tens of thousands of words.

Some argue that articles requiring expertise and authority are not good candidates for AI-generated content. In contrast, others argue that simpler content is better suited.

SEO Friendly Content

Automatic content generators rely on artificial intelligence to scour the web for relevant information. Generators select keywords for better SEO after perusing all these documents. The artificial intelligence software can offer keyword suggestions to the writer. Suppose the rest of the guidelines for authority are met, and a person writes the article. In that case, search engines will rank the article higher if it incorporates these keywords throughout.

Assists with Writer’s Block

Having writer’s block is a common problem. Writers may struggle to produce quality work when attempting to write about a topic about which they are unfamiliar.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help writers overcome this challenge by generating detailed article outlines and key points. AI tools can greatly assist in getting past writer’s block and getting ideas flowing.

Disadvantages of AI-Generated Content

Some things should be taken into account when using AI to create content. A human writer is necessary for some content. I’ve compiled some drawbacks to using AI to create content.

Quality Issues and Plagiarism

There are issues with the quality and the possibility of plagiarism.

Data and algorithms are the backbones of AI. The intended tone won’t come across. Artificial intelligence systems excel at dealing with absolutes, but they struggle with the more nuanced gray areas.

Similarity to published materials is search engines could flag another reason for content. The AI tools reword and piece together content from different websites. Google’s “stitching and combining content” guidelines forbid this practice if the necessary flow isn’t added. The challenge of creating authoritative and informative content when assembling data from disparate sources without thorough human review is real.

Algorithms Devalue Content

In August 2022, Google released an update highlighting “helpful content written by people, for people.” The article explains that SEO is more effective because search engine spiders favor human-generated content.

The purpose of the update is to devalue articles written solely to increase their search engine rankings. Artificial intelligence tools prioritize SEO rankings without fully comprehending the text, leading to a bias toward keyword density over providing useful information to the reader.

No Creativity In AI-Generated Content

Articles with creative content are more read. In contrast to human readers, artificial intelligence can only add facts to an outline, which makes it less likely that they will share the article.

Artificial intelligence uses information and data already available on the web to generate phrases. Artificial intelligence cannot currently understand human behavior and the context of user queries.

It Still Needs Human Edits

Even though artificial intelligence can generate content, humans must still read it. Time savings are possible, but human involvement is still required, as is quality control of the articles.

AI tools consolidate information from various online sources. Because AI tools do not understand the meanings of adjectives, there may be some inaccuracies to fix, such as those found in product descriptions involving textures and colors.

Lack Of Original Ideas

As the content of AI tools is derived from preexisting data, they cannot generate novel concepts or write entirely new pieces. Because of the limitations of AI tools, it isn’t easy to consistently produce cutting-edge material.

Final Words

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of AI-generated SEO content, it becomes clear that such programs could be used to supplement human authors. It’s appealing to have the option of developing low-cost article drafts rapidly, especially when artificial intelligence tools can help you get past writer’s block and come up with fresh ideas.

Be wary of relying too heavily on these kinds of resources, though. You can use it to support your research, find ideas for content to write about, check your grammar and spelling, and paraphrase small passages.