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Email marketing is what it sounds like: utilizing email to promote items or services. Beyond the phrase’s literal meaning, good email marketing entails leveraging the email channel to build relationships with potential customers and raise brand awareness and expertise.

Email marketing is a digital marketing category in which you use email to advertise your company’s products or services. It helps inform your clients about new products or special offers. It can also be essential in educating people about your business or keeping them interested in transactions.

Email allows content personalizing. Personalization can be as simple as using a contact's name. Subject lines with the recipient's first name get more clicks.

59% of marketers think email is their most profitable channel, while marketers who employ segmented campaigns see a 760% gain in income.

Unrivalled Levels of Email Marketing Service

Growces has a team of experienced and knowledgable specialists who support you in every step of of your email marketing camopaigns.

Marketing Strategy

A correct and professional marketing strategy is like a detailed map that guides you through your target in the complicated market.

Tracking & Reporting

Analyzing and monitoring the digital marketing practices you apply is essential for improving your performance.

Template Design

Having a unique template for your emails, social media posts, and website gives your business a memorable brand identity.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are a critical part of email marketing that can significantly boost your conversion and sales rates.

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is what it sounds like: utilizing email to promote items or services. Beyond the phrase’s literal meaning, good email marketing entails leveraging the email channel to build relationships with potential customers and raise brand awareness and expertise.

Since the beginning, marketers have used email to spam customers, flooding their inboxes with unsolicited messages. However, you can build up an email list of customers and anyone else who wants to hear from your company. In that case, email is a terrific method to keep them up to date on unique specials, new products, and any other type of information they’d find helpful.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

To apply any digital marketing practice, you must follow some steps. To conduct a successful email marketing campaign, you need the following:

Email List

To make an email list, you need to encourage the folks who visit your website and purchase your products to join your newsletter or join your brand's community by entering their email.  You may need to purchase lists to accelerate your marketing at the beginning of your email marketing campaigns. However, it is not recommended for long-term practices.


An ESP (email service provider) is a medium that helps you send and manage emails to many clients. An ESP is the second essential thing to conduct an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Strategy

Designing a relevant and practical email marketing strategy is the key. A well-designed strategy includes the dates you need to send emails to your customers, the type of your emails, and the managing strategy. As a result, you can manage the content and the dates you will send emails.


Content is the main part of every digital marketing practice. Designing and writing engaging and creative content in your email is the reason that causes your audience to read your future emails. Sending regular emails like any other company may cause more customers to block your emails! On the other hand, sending a creative email causes receivers to eagerly follow your emails in the inbox and engage with them.

Why should you use Email Marketing?

Email is a user-friendly, cost-effective, dependable marketing platform for connecting your brand with customers. It lets you stay in touch with existing customers and demonstrate appreciation for their loyalty and business. It also attracts new customers with attractive discounts. Here are the advantages of utilizing this marketing method:

It is economical

Email marketing is the most economical marketing channel. It costs very low and brings very high results. Email, according to studies, produces better outcomes than any other channel. Compared to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, email is 40 times more effective in attracting new consumers. Furthermore, email marketing regularly yields the highest return on investment, with $38 generated for every dollar spent.

It builds lasting relationships with your customers

Email marketing is more than merely sharing content via email, contrary to popular opinion. It can be used to assist in developing long-term connections and the establishment of client loyalty. Email is a quick and easy way to recognize and thank consumers for their recent visit and implement its loyalty programs. Another excellent technique to strengthen a relationship through email is to ask consumers for feedback on their most recent visit so that you can maintain high quality. You can also reward them with discounts or unique offers as a bonus for their comments.

It is Easy

Creating campaigns can be easy, even if you have no past expertise with email marketing. You only need an email list, a specific tool, and content to get started. The majority of email marketing products come with pre-made templates. This is valid for both free and paid alternatives. These tools also make it simple to track open rates and adjust your content if necessary after you've sent out your campaign.

Email Marketing Tips:

As mentioned earlier, if utilized correctly, email and email marketing can be one of the best marketing practices for your brand. Here are some tips that help you conduct effective campaigns using email:

Don't Buy Email Lists!

If you want to conduct a successful email marketing campaign, wait to buy email lists, even from Growces! Although sending emails to purchased lists can accelerate your brand awareness and promote your brand at once, it is not recommended to make long-term engagements with your customers. If you plan long-term relations with your real clients, encourage your customers to join your campaigns instead of buying email lists.

Study the Regulations:

Before sending emails, gather adequate data about the email regulations in your location and the receiver's location. For example, CAN-SPAM Act in the United States causes some automatic emails to be considered spam. So, to avoid delivering your email to spam, be aware of the national and international email regulations before sending it.

Use Email to Engage with Your Customers:

Emails provide you with making conversations with your customers. You can use emails to say thank you after a purchase, follow up on an incomplete shopping cart, or say hello. Sending emails to your real customers and getting their feedback help you improve your products and marketing.

Only Send Emails When you need to:

Every marketing tool loses its efficiency when you utilize it a lot. So, refrain from bombarding your audience with emails. If you want your emails to be read and affect your audience, you should send emails when you need to talk with your customers.

How does Growces Help You in Email Marketing?

Growces has a professional digital marketing team with notable experience conducting successful campaigns. We will support you in creating your customers’ lists, categorizing them, designing email content, sending emails, and monitoring and analyzing campaigns. We have several lists of customers that can advance your email campaigns. With remarkable experience conducting email marketing campaigns and a high satisfaction rate, you can count on our specialists for your email marketing from A-Z. 

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4. Promotional Emails.

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel that uses email to advertise your company’s products or services. It is a type of direct marketing as well as digital marketing. Incorporating it into your marketing automation efforts can help make your clients aware of your latest items or offers.

1.Select a service provider for email marketing.

2. Gather target clients’ email addresses for your email marketing list.

3. Fill out your contact list in your email marketing account.

4. Create your welcome email.

5. Make an email template that you can reuse.

6. Write compelling messages for practice.

Absolutely! It is now more relevant than ever. Despite the rise in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms, research suggests that email remains the best medium for reaching out to individuals. Email users are expected to increase more.