How to Create an Affiliate Niche Site That Earns 6 Figures

How to Create an Affiliate Niche Site That Earns 6 Figures

An affiliate niche site refers to any website that caters to a distinct audience or topic. It can be about anything and everything: health, business, relationships, travel, food, fashion, education, animals, or the more obscure. A niche site is also a website that focuses on a particular subset of a broader market to monetize its traffic. Niche sites usually generate revenue through ads, affiliate marketing, or digital products like online courses, private communities, or eBooks.

How Do Affiliate Niche Sites Work?

Niche affiliate websites work by boosting someone else’s product via content. A commission is gained from every sale the company makes. This is the fundamental concept behind affiliate marketing.

To do so, site owners create articles, often reviews. In such content, they describe the following:

  • What the product is
  • Who requires the product and why
  • Reviews of the top few options
  • Advice for the reader on the advantages and disadvantages of each option

Each review contains affiliate links that send the reader straight to the product on the partner’s website. If someone buys something, then, boom, an affiliate commission is earned.

Why Is Affiliate Niche Site So Essential?

Avoid Competition

Imagine that you’ve selected to focus on photography in your blog. This is a trendy topic for searches, which may sound good at first.

However, since this is so popular, many different websites discuss photography. Thus, your niche site is unlikely to be found in the sea of results when that keyword is searched because there are tons of other authority websites.

Sun Tzu in the book “art of war” said: Never start a war you can not win. As every digital marketing agency recommends, always go for a goal you can achieve.

Appeal to and Draw in Your Targets

By narrowing it down to a specific niche, you concentrate on a smaller, more valuable target audience. That target audience is your key to triumphing in a niche site.

We’ve already said that you’re more comfortable finding search engine questions by narrowing down your niche. Another element that this involves is the people behind those queries.

Taking our example above, someone searches for senior portrait photography with a DSLR camera and discovers your niche-specific website. It will be more possible to spend time on your site, click on ads or links that you’ve placed, and eventually earn more money!

These particular searchers are your golden target audience, and narrowing your focus will draw them to your site. However, you can still write blog titles professionally to attract as many people as possible.

Choosing Your Affiliate Niche site Field

So how do you select what to write about? Let’s consider three factors that are equally essential in your decision-making process.

Be Inspired by Your Passion

What would you list if I asked you to list five things you are passionate about? You can stay here and make that list if you’d like.

Now, imagine you select a niche topic out of that list. How long would it take to begin hitting your head against the wall (or at least get pretty bored), or are you eager to want writing a blog about this subject? 

These are all important questions that you require to think about and consider. I utilized the word passion in this heading: if you’re not eager about a subject, there’s no way you’ll be able to take writing a niche site about it. If you’re getting bored with your issue, it will come through your writing.

So a nice place to begin is finding the topics you already know you enjoy reading about or researching. If you already have a good amount of knowledge about a particular subject or are very willing to learn, add that topic to your list.

Too Much Competition, or Too Little?

To narrow down your list of topics that interest you, it’s time to do keyword research.

Are people looking for the keywords of your concentrated niche? If this topic is generally searched, how much competition will you have? Discovering the balance between these two points is key to triumphing in your niche.

Your blog will not become across the board if there is too much competition on that topic. Nevertheless, if you select an unknown topic that no one searches for, your niche blog will likely fail. Instead, find the middle ground. What has enough searches to be possible but not so many as to indicate a lot of competition?

For example, if you want to start an SEO niche site, you will be competing with every SEO company. However, if you target your local market for a longer keyword, you can rank higher and gain more profit.

The Ability to Make a Profit with an Affiliate niche site

To ensure that your chosen niche is profitable, it’s time to consider products or services sold in that industry. Do not start a niche site without a good marketing plan. There are a lot of digital marketing services that can aid you with this task.

Persistent with our example above, there are many possible products or services that you could boost or recommend in your niche blog about senior portrait photography with DSLR cameras. The most prominent would be DSLR cameras themselves but think about camera accessories, tripods, lenses, studio props, photography courses, etc. There are tons of possibilities for recommending products in this specific niche, and they’re all in relatively high demand for your target audience.

To recap, your perfect niche can be found by:

  • Listing topics, you’re eager about.
  • Testing to see how many searches your subject keywords get.
  • Finding products that are in need in that industry.