Aaweez Chandeliers Brand Logo Design 


Aaweez, a store specializing in decorative accessories and home decor, approached Growces for their logo design needs. With a strong emphasis on conveying the concept of hanging and the brand’s previous association with decorative lighting, the challenge was to create a logo that captures the essence of being a pendant while encompassing the broader scope of home decor.

Table of Contents


The primary goal was to design a visually appealing logo that communicates the brand’s identity and evokes a sense of elegance, while incorporating elements related to home decor and the concept of hanging.

Design Process

1. Research and Conceptualization

– The team at Growces conducted thorough research on the brand, its history, and its association with decorative lighting.

– The Farsi word ” Aaweez,” meaning something that hangs from the ceiling, served as the inspiration for the logo concept.

2. Symbolism and Composition

– The logo design featured a distinctive form that represents a pendant, symbolizing the concept of hanging.

– The design avoided a literal representation of a lamp, focusing on conveying the state of being a pendant.

– The letter “A” from the word “pendant” was incorporated cleverly into the logo, enhancing brand recognition.

3. Visual Elements

– Forms related to home decor, such as curtains and four panels, were integrated into the logo, emphasizing the brand’s core offerings.

– A star, representing light, added a touch of symbolism and elegance to the design.

4. Color Palette

– The color palette consisted of complementary colors, including red, orange, green, blue, and cream.

– These colors were carefully selected to evoke a sense of brightness, warmth, and the radiance associated with a pendant’s light.

Result and Impact

The final logo design for Aaweez successfully encapsulated the essence of the brand. The combination of the pendant form, the incorporation of the letter “A,” and the use of complementary colors resulted in a visually striking and meaningful logo. It effectively communicates Aaweez ‘s focus on decorative accessories and home decor, while paying homage to its previous involvement in decorative lighting. The logo now serves as a strong visual identifier, reinforcing brand recognition and creating a lasting impression among customers.


Growces’ logo design service played a crucial role in transforming Aaweez’s brand identity. By meticulously considering the brand’s history, concept, and target audience, Growces delivered a logo that captures the essence of Aaweez’s decorative accessories and home decor offerings while reflecting its previous involvement in decorative lighting. The logo showcases the expertise and creativity of the Growces team in translating a brand’s vision into a powerful visual representation.