AKOPET - Crafting a Vibrant Brand Identity for Pet Services






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Logo and Marketing Materials

AKOPET is a brand that specializes in providing a wide range of services related to household pets. From medical care and grooming to pet training, food supply, and online adoption services, AKOPET aims to be a complete resource for pet owners, catering to various animals like dogs, cats, ornamental fish, and birds.

Logo Design Brief

To establish a cohesive and effective brand in the pet services industry, a creative and comprehensive logo and visual identity were essential. The renowned Growces was tasked with designing the logo and visual identity for AKOPET, incorporating simple concepts like fish body forms and fish polka dots.

Design Elements

The logo designed by Growces cleverly integrates elements reminiscent of fish, subtly alluding to aquatic animals. The incorporation of fish polka dots adds a sense of vibrancy and playfulness, creating a memorable and enduring visual identity. The choice of red and yellow colors in the brand palette conveys sentiments of love and emotion, evoking feelings of enthusiasm, joy, and attractiveness.


The use of fish body forms in the logo, symbolizing aquatic animals, emphasizes AKOPET’s connection to household pets. The addition of fish polka dots injects a sense of liveliness and cheerfulness into the brand. The strategic use of poses resembling pets like dogs and cats in the visual identity builds a close relationship with the world of household animals.

Strategic Impact

The logo crafted by Growces for AKOPET not only serves as a symbol of the brand’s diverse services but also as a powerful tool for establishing close connections with the audience. It creates a space filled with warmth and compassion, assuring pet owners that AKOPET is not just a pet service center but a sanctuary of care and kindness for household animals.


In conclusion, Growces’ logo for AKOPET goes beyond being a mere representation of service diversity; it becomes an impactful tool for establishing intimate connections with the audience. The design exudes a sense of familiarity and assurance, creating a lasting impression of warmth and trust. AKOPET’s brand identity stands out as a vibrant and memorable presence in the competitive landscape of pet services, reflecting its commitment to comprehensive and compassionate care for household pets.