Qoriya, a chain of stores in Iraq that caters to the essential food and goods needs of the people, partnered with Growces to create a compelling brand identity through logo design. The objective was to capture the essence of a beautiful village, symbolizing greenness and vitality, while effectively communicating the store’s commitment to providing healthy and natural food to its audience. By incorporating bright and natural colors, such as green, blue, orange, and yellow, Growces aimed to evoke a sense of freshness, purity, joy, and warmth. The circular shape was chosen to represent economic movement, production, and trade, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant nature of the store.


Design Process:

Capturing the Village Essence:

  • Growces visualized the beauty of a village through a lens, seeking to portray the lush greenness and lively atmosphere in the logo design.

Symbolic Color Palette:

  • The green color, inspired by nature’s elements, was used to convey the naturalness and healthiness of the food offered by Qoriya.
  • Blue, representing the infinite sky and symbolizing purity and forgiveness, added a sense of serenity and trust.
  • Orange, a vibrant and attention-grabbing color, evoked joy and happiness, drawing customers to the store.
  • Yellow, symbolizing the sun and its warmth, reflected the light and positive energy associated with Qoriya.

Circular Symbolism:

  • The circular shape, a universal symbol of economic movement, production, and trade, was chosen to represent the active buying process and exchange of goods within the store.
  • The circular form encapsulated the comprehensive range of items available at Qoriya, creating a sense of unity and inclusivity.

Result and Impact:

The collaborative logo design efforts by Growces resulted in a visually captivating and meaningful brand identity for Qoriya. The logo successfully portrayed the freshness, vitality, and naturalness of the store’s offerings, resonating with health-conscious customers in Iraq. The strategic use of colors, with green signifying natural food, blue evoking purity, orange generating joy, and yellow representing warmth, effectively communicated Qoriya’s values and benefits.

The circular shape, symbolizing economic movement and trade, conveyed a sense of dynamism and accessibility, positioning Qoriya as a reliable and bustling destination for essential food and goods. The logo design instilled a sense of trust, authenticity, and harmony with nature, enhancing the store’s appeal among its target audience.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Qoriya’s logo design and brand identity stand out with its Unique Selling Proposition (USP), distinguishing it from competitors and attracting customers. The USP of Qoriya lies in its seamless integration of naturalness, healthiness, and economic vitality.


The logo design collaboration between Growces and Qoriya exemplifies the power of visual identity in establishing a strong brand presence. By incorporating symbolism, color psychology, and a circular shape, Growces successfully crafted a logo that captures the essence of Qoriya’s commitment to natural and healthy food while reflecting the dynamic nature of the store. This case study showcases how Growces leverages design elements to create a visually compelling and impactful brand identity, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of Qoriya in serving the needs of the Iraqi community.