Top 10 Tools For Finding Top Trending Topics

Top 10 Tools For Finding Top Trending Topics

Integrating hot trending topics into your editorial and social media calendar is one of the best ways to engage your audience.

While not all your content needs to be about the news, using trending topics wisely will help you capitalize on social media and search demand spikes. Here we have discussed some places where you can look for trending topics:

The best tool for spotting hot search terms in your niche is Google Trends. It tracks global search trends and offers a wealth of information divided by date range, geo-location, category, search type (such as web search vs. YouTube), and more.

Google Trends data completes so many digital marketing services. It can be used for inspiration, forecasting, and comparison.

Integrating Google Trends into Google Search is one of the more recent developments of the past couple of years. The most recent trending stories based on your interests can now be read on Google addition to typing in a search.

In conclusion, we can say Google Trends is one of the digital marketing tools we need most. It’s reliable, free, and easy to use.

2. Exploding Topics

Entrepreneurs, investors, and people looking to find trending companies, categories, or business ideas will find this tool useful.

Exploding Topics doesn’t offer as much context as other trending topic tools. To fully understand the trend, you either need to sign up for their newsletter or use this tool in conjunction with other tools.

This tool filled a critical void left by the closure of Inbound.org for marketers. Sparktoro Trending presents the newest trending marketing, SEO, and technology articles.

Based on the number of social shares from users who have connected to the tool, Sparktoro presents these trends.

4. Frontpage Metrics

Almost every topic of interest has a Reddit thread. The most popular subreddits can be found using Frontpagemetrics.com’s daily, weekly, and monthly growth statistics.

There are a lot of rabbit holes to help inspire your content roadmap with over 3 million tracked subreddits.

5. Feedly

This tool is best for compiling the most recent stories in one location once you’ve determined the most significant publications or news sources your audience reads.

By displaying the most recent articles published from your curated list, Feedly is one of the most effective tools for spotting trends and staying current in your industry.

A few useful paid features of Feedly include the ability to subscribe to newsletters, Twitter feeds, or Google News feeds. Alternatively, use its AI-powered bot to search the web for specific topics.

6. Podcast Notes

Podcasts play a hidden role in spotting trending topics. An estimated 10% increase in listeners per year is predicted for the $1 billion podcasting market. This is a fantastic chance to discover hot topics for your customers or business. Sadly, podcasts aren’t the best option for everyone because they require a lot of time and concentration to understand the content.

Finding the most important lessons from each podcast is challenging, but Podcast Notes offers a quick newsletter solution. Suppose you don’t have the time to listen to ten or more podcasts per week. In that case, Podcast News does the legwork for you by covering topics like lifestyle, startups, technology, finance, cryptocurrency, and fitness.

7. Buzzsumo

The most effective community managers have well-honed systems for monitoring hot social media topics relevant to their industry. Buzzsumo has long been one of the top resources for locating trending content on social media. It has expanded its reach to include finding content on video and Q&A websites.

Buzzsumo can show you which content is gaining the most traction on YouTube if you’re looking for the most popular trending video content in your industry. This tool can help you whether you’re a digital marketing agency or just someone new in this field.

Trends. co provides a comprehensive but simple-to-understand format for comprehending novel topics across industries. The Trends newsletter deconstructs a subject by addressing:

  • Why it’s important
  • Identify the issue that led to the trend.
  • The answer.
  • The main participants in the area.
  • Predictions.
  • Opportunities.

Suppose you want more in-depth research on each topic. In that case, there are also many paid features and ways to collaborate with other members of the Trends community.

This trending topic tool is the best tool for providing context, resources, and sufficient background to understand more complicated topics.

9. Treendly

The Google Alerts for Google Trends is what this tool calls itself. A problem with Google Trends is that there hasn’t always been a great way to subscribe to a particular topic.

Although Google Trends currently provides this functionality, there are third-party programs like Treendly that aim to improve user experience and draw data from a wider range of sources than Google Trends.

10. Product Hunt

Anyone can submit their product to Product Hunt, which surfaces the newest (mostly digital) products across industries. The PH community then upvotes and reviews them, determining where the product appears on the site’s ranking system.

You can subscribe to a category of new product releases on Product Hunt called Topics, including productivity, developer tools, AI, UX, marketing, design, and IoT.