Top 5 types of Marketing Activity

Top 5 types of Marketing Activity

To discuss the types of marketing activity, first, we must know its meaning. Marketing activities refer to actions an individual or organization undertakes to get specific marketing outcomes.

There are likely as many marketing activities as there are marketing purposes. Estimating these activities “as they are” is problematic because their effectiveness relies on how they’re applied and to which market.

1. Finding product-market fit

Finding product-market fit (PMF) means ensuring a product can satisfy an existing demand in a market with high potential. An indicative sign of achieving PMF is when people are ready to purchase your product, actively utilize it, and suggest it to others.

Some may think that PMF is outside marketing’s scope or unrelated to marketing performance. But that cannot be different from the truth.

2. Influencing word of mouth

Inspiring word of mouth directs to word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM), i.e., the process of influencing and encouraging honest discussions about a product, service, or company. To put it simply, this marketing activity is controlling word of mouth by giving people a reason to talk.

Word of mouth is not an old-fashioned marketing theory used by every digital marketing agency, so we’re on the same page. We’re talking about new studies demonstrating the effect suggestions from friends and family have on consumer behavior.

Moreover, Do not forget the fact that the digital era has offered us new, measurable forms of word of mouth:

  • Conversations and shares on social media
  • User reviews on sites like G2, Capterra
  • User-generated content about brands and their products

Word of mouth is a vital marketing channel that might be unavailable. Yet it’s not entirely out of control. Since marketers can’t control what people say about their brands, they can boost brand-related conversations and suggestions.

It boils down to satisfying users with the product and spreading positive experiences.

3. Boosting a content marketing

All marketers encounter the same challenge: how to draw people and transform them into customers. Of course, there isn’t any bullet for that. But if one type of marketing activity comes close, it’s content marketing.

That is because content marketing can do these three things, among others:

4. Making a community

If you ever thought about how much a community created around a brand and its products can be worth to a business as a marketing activity, Adobe answered that in 2012 by acquiring Behance for about $150 million.

That is precisely how much Adobe, the creator of Photoshop, paid to transplant a platform that had collected 1 million active users and designed 90 million project views monthly.

So, what type of advantages could a community like Behance possibly deliver to this software giant?

Number one: starting and retaining users.

5. Conducting market research

Market research refers to collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about a given market. This is how marketers source essential data for their marketing plan, e.g., insights about possible customers, the competition, and industry trends.

The significance of market research is difficult to overrate. Information is power, and it’s no different when it comes to digital marketing services.

I’ll put it this way: Data is supposed to be the beginning point of any decision-making. And if you don’t possess enough data to make a move, your next move should be to get data.

Here are some well-known methods to get that:

Interviews – Work face-to-face discussions with your users, potential customers, and other people with insight into your market (e.g., distributors).

Surveys – One of the most famous and cost-effective market research techniques often done online. Surveys involve polling on things such as feature desirability and user happiness.

Competitive analysis – By researching your competitors’ marketing activity, you can quickly determine what works in your market and what doesn’t. Moreover, competitors make a fantastic benchmark.

Commercial data – Consider market reports and industry insights. You can learn things such as the size of your market, market trends, and insights from people involved in your industry.


Yet some activities stand out from the rest by getting great results for numerous companies and standing the test of time.

Marketing informs many people about a particular product. When people are informed about your product, your sales will grow. Marketing is an excellent aid for many business organizations to create revenue opportunities. It is when business sectors utilize different marketing strategies to increase business profits.